Friday photo – looking for oars

blue boat

One of my friends may well be sitting looking at this boat as I write this. She is on her ordination retreat. The boat is on the river and the oars are in the house so going out on the river is not something she can do on impulse – unless she is happy to go with the current – which may make getting back a bit tricky!

There were times on my journey towards ordination when I felt like I was in a boat without oars and that I needed to find them but they were not anywhere obvious. For me being out of control on a journey is not a position that I find very easy but the choices I have made in my life have meant that there have been times when it has felt like others have had control of my destiny. Yes I had God to trust in but there were times that was hard and I wanted a motor for the boat, not just a pair of oars.


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