Honest Christianity – stories of praise


Later this evening (Sunday 5th July), I am speaking at a local Songs of Praise style service. It is at Mawley Town Farm, in Cleobury Mortimer (check them out on facebook), neighbours of where we first lived when we moved up to the midlands 30 years ago.

The Robinson family who own the farm are the parents and grandparents of one of our patients at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Since then I have been invited to share in the service. Tonight I have permission to tell the story of 4 of our patients. If you watched any of our BBC2 series last year Children’s Hospital The Chaplains you will have met a couple of them – Wilf who had the day out to the seaside and Khalisia who is waiting for a new heart.

Although not all these stories have a happy ending, they are all full of inspiration in the way they and their families courageously dealt with their conditions. This is the testimony of full humanity, this is why they want their stories told, this is how we seek to live, choosing to make the most of life even in the midst of the most difficult circumstances.

I can only hope I live my life in a way which is a story worth retelling.


One thought on “Honest Christianity – stories of praise

  1. Paul, just tonight I have been speaking of you with another former colleague from those distant YFC days….. after the ordination of his daughter who has come to be our curate pioneer minister. We all have stories to tell – of living life in and through pain , loss and disappointment. But as we remembered, and shared stories, we celebrated the call and equipping of God,,,,,, whose grace is all we need, and whose power is made perfect in our weakness. Praying for you this coming week especially for the Lord’s blessing and restoring as you retreat in Him.

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