Friday photo – communion with Cuthbert


I have presided at communion in a few places now but this is my favourite. To close our Holy Island retreat we either go to Cuthbert’s Island if tides permit or sit on the beach looking at it (and the birds, the seals, the sea, the sand, the hills…). This time yesterday that is what I was doing. It was one of the most special. As part of the eucharistic prayer we shared some of the things we are thankful for and we were regularly joined by the sparrows who kept trying to sneak up on the bread – a beautiful Celtic knot made by Sam at Marygate House. But perhaps what was most special was the companionable silence at the end where despite the usual finishing words of Go in peace to love and serve the Lord we just sat there, mostly in silence, contemplating the beauty of the surroundings and pondering all that God had done in our time together.


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