Wondering Wednesdays – transitions


We started our retreat on Holy Island by walking to the place where the marker posts lead, the tide was in, leaving the island was not an option. We talked about transitions, about bridges, about crossing places as we began a short season in a new place in a different way of being. Some of us made bridges as we spent time reflecting – mine is in the picture and was made from things I found on the shore. I shared this poem from Joyce Rupp which I will keep revisiting as I reflect on some of the transitions I am facing at the moment…

Crossing over into the unknown,
crossing over from a secure land
to one whose roads I have never walked.

Companion and Guide you are my transition coach.

You say to me:
“Cross over the bridge.
Go ahead, come on over. It’s sturdy enough.

Don’t look down, though, or you might get terrified
and never walk across.

Don’t look back too long or you will lose courage
and want to stay right where you are.

Hang on. Keep going.
That’s what bridges are for, to get you to the other side.
Trust me to protect you.”

For all of us in transition who have bridges to cross,
bless us, God of the journey,
gift us with the desire to go ahead.

Help us to trust that the bridge will be strong
and the risk will be worth it.


From Joyce Rupp Out of the Ordinary  Notre Dame Ave Maria Press 1999 p218.


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