Friday photo – me Jane!

tree house

Tarzan was one of those programmes I used to enjoy as a child and when we came across this tree house in the wood it brought back lots of memories. We were at Moseley Old Hall and there was this big sign up saying that the tree house was for adults to play in too. That is very liberating when you are a middle aged couple without kids looking longingly at this wonderful creation!

I had great fun exploring and sitting on the top level on a seat made of branches and then it was time to come down. Paul dared me to come down via the rope – nearly a mistake as my fingers turned bright red with rope burn! My muscles couldn’t quite hold my weight to climb down gracefully so I just slid! Fast and fun but left me with blisters! As ever I also began making connections with my spiritual life and thought back to Paul’s post on Sunday – the practices I engage in most days do give me the strength to do the spiritual equivalent of sliding down the rope – that makes it easier to take a risk.


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