Honest Christianity – old fashioned practices


Sally invited me to share in an informal 9 o’clock communion service with breakfast where each month someone leads discussion on a psalm. Over breakfast I shared on psalm 121. This is a psalm I read most days. I wonder how that sounds to some people, to have a practice and discipline to read at least a chapter of scripture every day, to take time and dwell on a particular passage not just for minutes but for weeks, months, and years.

This is the type of practice that we discussed in last Sunday’s blog, that I stick with regardless of my feelings. The reason I like this psalm is that it reminds me where to look to for my daily help, support, guidance, wisdom, authority – towards the hills of Jerusalem, Mount Zion, the Temple where those writing and hearing the psalm believed God’s presence resided. The first verse is a question to challenge me to not be tempted to be distracted to look in other places, other powers, other people for my ultimate help.

My help comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth .


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