Honest Christianity – real reflection


I don’t do it as much as would be helpful perhaps, but I (S) enjoy playing with colour and getting in touch with how I am feeling deep within – as I sit with a box of oil pastels in front of me and think about an issue or a person or a hope or a Bible passage I take a colour that I am drawn to and begin to make marks on the page. Most often I end up with different blocks of colour, occasionally it is some sort of picture.

It’s another way I do the spiritual exercise the examen exploring what brings me life and what brings me death. It’s an opportunity to confront the dark bits in the context of the light bits. It’s as if I can see the whole picture. When it is just words in my head it can be easy to take more notice of the dark bits that get noticed and the light can get squeezed out, and the proportions not reflect reality. I would love to be a glass half full person but if I am honest the glass is more usually half empty, this exercise brings the too together and gives me perspective.

Our book Tools for Reflective Ministry has lots of ways of reflecting creatively within it, this is one of them.


One thought on “Honest Christianity – real reflection

  1. I’ve been using my journal a fair bit recently and have been doing something kind of similar. Drawing a rectangle and filling it with as many positive words about a thing as I can fit in i.e. the benefits of walking… Then, thinking about the spaces between the positive words, in another rectangle filling it with all the other words that I think relate: some negative, others just as they occur like a name or an emotion. Finding it helpful to look at the words that fill those spaces as an indication as to what’s holding me back in an area. Funny you mention your reflective ministry book as I dug it out yesterday to join the pile that is growing at my bedside! 😊

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