Honest Christianity – stereotyping plus

Window wd

We went on a community organized creative writing day yesterday (we found it on Streetlife) held in a church hall with this amazing window! The writer facilitating the session used an exercise that encouraged us to think about 5 different characters and write down 5 things about these people and one thing that would surprise us about this person. I wrote about a professor: clever arrogant, depressed, paranoid, kind / generous. She reminded us that it is so easy for us to stereotype those around us, but as with most if not all human beings, we are complex, there are always other sides to us.

It is so easy for us to box people, this is how they are, this is how they will act – good and bad. Honest Christianity is about being surprised, it is also about being disappointed and prepared for both. We can expect the unexpected, from those we like and respect but also from those we have started to dismiss. Let’s write these words especially for them: gracious, expectant Christianity.


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