Wondering Wednesdays – mystery of creation


This quotation from Columbanus (an Irish Saint living in the 6th – 7th centuries) is particularly apt for holiday time when I get to spend so much more time outside appreciating the many mysteries of the universe. There are so many things either I didn’t learn at school or I have completely forgotten like how the moon and the tides work, geology and rock formations, the power of currents which move swathes of stones and sand so that every day the shoreline is different and why there are so many amazing colours in the sky at sunset (this picture taken yesterday at Kit Hill)…

Kit hill sunset

I am also amazed how although there are so many things we do know and can find out through typing a few things into google, nature can still be a mystery. It perhaps sounds a little sad but most days I listen to Farming today on Radio 4 between 5.45 and 6.00am and on Mondays there is a five day weather forecast – this Monday the forecaster admitted that it wasn’t fully clear – the computer predicted lots of different possibilities. Although in my regular work life I am quite planned, organized and structured I also appreciate the seize the day nature of holidays where what we do can depend on weather, times and tides and our plans made the previous evening can change as we see what each new day holds!


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