Wondering Wednesdays – costumes and roles

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The summer means we get a bit of time to catch up with nieces, nephew and godchildren.  It is always fascinating to see how they have changed over time and to reminisce a little bit (more in the head than with them!) about their earlier childhood.  We have another picture like this one of Paul’s nieces – probably ten years earlier and as we walked round different bits of Kingsbury Water Park images came to mind of other times we had done this.  Summer is also time to read a bit more and this quotation from Richard Rohr struck me:

This curiosity about ourselves grows more intense in the teen and young adult years as we try on a dozen costumes and roles, and we surely covet any recognition or praise of our most recent incarnation.  We quickly grab it and try it on for size, as if to say, “This might be me!”  Some never take it off.

Identify formation is quite a complex topic and I have written before about different elements of my own but am mindful that words, phrases, nicknames, actions, likes on social media etc all may contribute to people’s perception of their identity and to try and be mindful and sensitive in our responses.

Reference:  Richard Rohr Immortal Diamond:  The Search for our True Self Location 314 on Kindle


2 thoughts on “Wondering Wednesdays – costumes and roles

  1. The way society often perceives/defines gender is something I am struggling with at the moment. The testosterone injections I have for my M.E have helped enormously but have obvious side effects such as facial hair. Having always been a tomboy I thought I’d cope ok with this but I have been suprised by the impact other people’s comments/ assumptions have had on me both personally aswell as opening my eyes to predujices that still exist in the church. It has made me very mindful of how my own stereotypes, actions or words could at at times have a damaging impact on people’s identity formation or perception of self. It has also challenged me to think about the ‘boxes’ we can put people into which hinder them from finding their true self. I wonder if God thinks in terms of gender, ethnicity, financial status etc or does he simply see us as his children?

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