Honest Christianity – being dust people

dust lady
Last week Marcy Borders died. She was more well known as the Dust Lady. She was a survivor when the World Trade Center’s South Tower collapsed on Sept. 11, 2001. She was photographed at the scene by Stan Honda. He recalls,”There was a giant roar, like a train, and between the buildings I could see huge clouds of smoke and dust billowing out.” He ducked into a lobby, where “a police officer was pulling people into the entrance to get
them out of the danger. “A woman came in completely covered in gray dust”. It was later revealed this was Marcy Borders, who was in the North Tower when the first plane hit.

Understandably, she had led a troubled life as she sought to come to terms with want had happened to her. She died last week aged 42 of stomach cancer, which she suspected was connected to 9:11. My reflection and question is should we all not be known and seen as “Dust people?” That we are so close to the tragedies of life, it is impossible for us not to be impacted by the debris. To be so close and involved in the fall out of the sinned against, is a sign of a follower of Jesus, not the clean presentable image sometimes associated with Christianity.

This is what she said later on in her life, “I try to take myself from being a victim to being a survivor now, I don’t want to be a victim anymore.” Can we be covered with the dust of the wear and tear of life, and not feel sorry for ourselves, but count ourselves fortunate for not being so distant from the worst that life can bring to others?


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