Wondering Wednesdays – no penalty for moving deer poo!

Deer arden

I know some of the rules of golf but don’t know the minutiae of what you can or can’t do in some circumstances! Paul assures me that I can move deer poo if it is interfering with me hitting the ball – what he didn’t say is how you do that without getting smelly hands or gloves! I have played golf with both sheep and cows on the course not to mention rabbits, pheasants and a myriad of other birds but never with deer. The course was the Forest of Arden and it is a landscape with an ancient history and a peaceful beauty as we walked round with dusk descending.

Rules can be immensely frustrating things. You need them in sport so that there are boundaries to play within and the same conditions for all competitors. However, there are other times when rules seem to stifle the autonomy of people to make decisions which make sense, are more compassionate, are better stewardship or a variety of reasons. One of our interview questions for our courses at CYM is this “Is breaking the law ever justified, is so why?” We may get more interesting answers if we replace the word law with rules. One of our aims in teaching children, family and youth workers is to encourage them to be reflective practitioners where they have the skills, knowledge, understanding and ethical awareness to make decisions in the sort of complex situations you sometimes face working in those environments. The origin of the word rule has more to do with measuring than prescribing – as in ruler – measuring takes care as I have learnt to my cost on various occasions so perhaps when we have a rule to implement we need to take the sort of care involved in measuring rather than just unthinkingly insisting on doing what it says…


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