Friday photo – the hopes and fears…

ThesisThesis bag

It may seem odd quoting words from a carol (O little town of Bethlehem) in September but these pictures represent five years of my life. The thesis I started as part of my ordination training is now finished and today I hand it in! Because of the nature of the subject – shame in the church, there are ways in which the thesis encapsulates some of the hopes and fears of all my years. The first trigger for wanting to study shame occurred at primary school when I became aware that institutions can harm us by the way they structure or approach something.

So the hopes and fears start again as the thesis is submitted and the viva draws near – no date yet but in a couple of months or so I will need to remember what it is I have written and explore it with a couple of examiners… I have enjoyed the journey but am hoping it is nearly at an end!


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