Honest Christianity – Live Loudly Donate Proudly


This is the name of a campaign with a Facebook page created by one of our patients at Birmingham children’s hospital. Lucia has had her second liver transplant and wanted to do something positive out of her experience.  She wants to encourage ”open conversations about organ donation”. At whatever age you are “let your family and friends know your wishes about organ donation.” This is a great way to promote and encourage more organ donations, i am sure we have all head the stories about how the need outstrips the availability.  Two of the patients who were on the Children’s Hospital:  The Chaplains television programme are still in need of organ donations.

I think it is fantastic that a young person being supported by their family has taken the initiative to promote the importance of this.  I am talking about it in an honest Christianity blog because I have come across a lot of people who find death hard to talk about and it is much easier to talk about your wishes to donate organs when it is not an emergency with a time limited decision needing to be made.  If we know what the wishes of our loved ones are we can be much clearer about what the right thing to do is, particularly in the very sad circumstances of a sudden death.  So check out the facebook page, think about signing up for the organ donation register (link on the page) and start conversations about this!  Sally has threatened to come back and “haunt” me if I cremate not bury her if she dies first!

This is the type of campaign we will be putting details of on our new Centre for Paediatric Spiritual Care website – http://www.bch.nhs.uk/cpsc

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LiveLoudlyDonateProudly?fref=ts


One thought on “Honest Christianity – Live Loudly Donate Proudly

  1. I’m on it and my parents have always known i want anything that still works to be of use to others… if it’s my heart, after reading the reports of recipients taking on traits of the donor, I hope they get all the good bits and none of the ptsd/bpd stuff! I’m working on making it as open and grateful as i can!

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