Wondering Wednesdays – in the beginning…


In the beginning there was a beach hut! The beginning of a new academic year… Midlands CYM starts each academic year with a community week where students across all three year groups of our degrees in work with children, families, schools and young people get together. We delegate lots of the planning to the third year students who choose a theme, decorate venues, organize socials and share experiences. This year’s theme is about being childlike so when you want to take a little bit of time with God alone you get to go into this fantastic beach hut! There is a sweetie bar too!

I get so encouraged and blessed by the creativity of our students and their desire to make the start of a new course an encouraging one for the first years. Already I have heard stories of God speaking and guiding and unusual circumstances coming together in one of those it must be God ways. So as this is posted we will be in the midst of community week, fortified by a good cooked breakfast and enjoying learning together.


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