Honest Christianity – safe people


A sign and encouragement of honest Christianity is to have a few people that we can be  completely honest with. This weekend I have had the privilege of being with one of those people. Dave is one of those very few people in my life that I feel I can say anything to. We have a retreat together every year and one of the characteristics of our couple of days together is that we both know we can speak out loud the questions, concerns, beliefs, reflections, experiences that we have had in the last year without fear of judgement or withdrawal of esteem or affection.

I have pondered and questioned over the years if I have enough of these people in my life. I have part concluded that I am thankful that my wife is one and for the other couple of people I have. Sometimes it seems it just happens naturally, organically with a spirit connection with a friend and it is a peer, reciprocal relationship, sometimes I have approached those I respect and trust and asked them if I can meet them regularly and or as needed to discuss particular issues. I commend both approaches to and for others.

I am thankful that my life and faith are richer and safer for having them and I need to ensure I continue to do this with them and God and offer them and others the same gentle grace that is offered to me.


One thought on “Honest Christianity – safe people

  1. thankyou Paul for being just that for me. You’re right, it is so important for us all and I have just a couple of people who I interact with in that way. I can even cope with your choice of football teams and still benefit from such good friendship 😇

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