Wondering Wednesdays – the big hoot

the big hoot

One of the fun parts of the summer has been wandering round the city seeing all the different owls that are part of the big hoot – an arts and fundraising project for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. They disappear from their perches on Sunday and I am disappointed that there has not been an opportunity to see them all but I have loved coming across them in all sorts of random places as I have gone about the city, even when I handed my thesis in!

On Friday I was part of a fascinating conversation about what shapes our interests and desires and I have in my overnight bag a copy of the Owl Service by Alan Garner, a childhood favourite book. The first painting I ever chose for myself was as a student in Brighton and features a barn owl. I am also drawn to explore the idea of wisdom and the saying as wise as an owl is one that sticks with me along with the enormous fun of brownies as a child – led by “owls”. I love tracing back parts of who I am and what I enjoy and being aware of who and what fashioned who I am today sometimes in the same careful way as the artists approached painting their owls.



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