Friday photo – the sin issue

sin issue

I continue to be fascinated by the way that religious metaphor and imagery continue to be used in mass media and how eye-catching it is. The sub heading is interesting – how they understand human frailty according to the pictures of the monkeys and the articles inside is very much a list of what I was told as a teenager Christians didn’t do! But one of the articles is on craft beer cheer – I am not sure I drink beer because of frailty more because I like the taste and there was even an article in one of the weekend papers suggesting that drinking beer prevents heart attacks in women!

What is sin? is a fascinating question and I am again reminded looking at the photographs that what is sin is sometimes culturally determined, other times personally decided and through justice systems structurally constructed. It is also interesting to look at the way “sin” is described in popular media and construed by right and left wing political parties. My university education in part consisted of being educated into appropriate consumer choices, with at that time apartheid in South Africa being a very significant issue in the protests we took part in. Discussing what are the sin issues in our context can be an enlightening activity.


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