Wondering Wednesdays – wellbeing


Yesterday I was doing some work around wellbeing and decided to blog about it today as a reminder to me of the simple steps I can take to enhance my own wellbeing. They are research based and have quite wide acceptance and were first published in a UK context. Birmingham Children’s Hospital have been using them to frame their staff wellbeing programme.

Thus five every day acts that enhance wellbeing are:
• connect to people;
• be physically active;
• give;
• keep learning;
• take notice.
The last one is what I want to focus on today as I travel to London, taking notice involves these activities:
• be curious;
• catch sight of the beautiful;
• remark on the unusual;
• notice the changing seasons;
• savour the moment;
• reflect on your experiences.

The picture is to encourage me that sometimes the long and winding road is the better one for me to take!

Aked, J., Marks, N., Cordon, C., Thompson, S. Five ways to well-being: the evidence. London, NEF and the Foresight Commission, 2008.


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