Honest Christianity – more light, more dirt


We had a new light in our kitchen this week. It has 4 LED spot bulbs and helps as we don’t have a great deal of direct sunlight coming in. The previous spotlights had almost all broken and we were cooking in the dark, we can now see much better to prep and cook. It is so effective I now feel like I am approaching a sun hot spot as I walk into the kitchen.

The negative is that what looked okay has now been revealed as grubby floor tiles and stained worktops. How much is this like being in the presence of God and Godly people? They don’t even have to say anything but the quality of their lives shines into our dark places and we become more aware of the places in our own lives that might need a bit of work. Sally did not say anything, and we don’t have anyone visiting this week but I was embarrassed into cleaning, sweeping, wiping.

So that’s more weekend chores and perhaps more long term, getting ready for more of my
spiritual grime being shown up.


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