Honest Christianity – contradictory values

Self care proper

I have been doing quite a lot of speaking and reflection on self care over the past few years and especially the last few months. One of the tensions that we have discovered is what happens when we have two or more values, beliefs or practices that are both held to be important and are opposing to each other. These have been referred to as contradictory values. I have found this phrase really helpful in articulating the tensions I and those I work with and support experience. I hold lots of things as important, but sometimes they seem to be in polarity to each other.

When I value looking after myself and others this can be a contradictory value In essence Honest Christianity and Go the Distance are reflections on naming and seeking an integrated way forward for contradictory values and beliefs. To move on from a simplistic that’s right and that’s wrong to more of a that is more important at this time, in this situation. To name these dilemmas as contradictory values is liberating to all of us and more respectful of the complexity of life and ministry. What are yours?


One thought on “Honest Christianity – contradictory values

  1. Wanting to spend time listening to a persons story or helping to allay frear and anxiety but knowing I need to see x amount of people that day. I really struggle with that one.

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