Honest Christianity – all saints not some saints day

JOhn 3 16 cross

It is easy to think of dead great Christian leaders when we think of saints on All Saints Day (November 1st). It is a good principles of inclusive Christianity to remember all of God’s living people are saints. The word “saint” is derived from a Greek verb hagiazo, whose basic meaning is “to set apart”, “sanctify”, ” or “make holy”. I am a saint not because of my holiness, but because of the holiness of my God in whom I trust. All Saints, All Hallows day is to remember all God’s people, known and unknown.

We sang a song today in church written by Ian Fraser of the Iona Community (I think) which makes this point. I particularly love the lines in verse 2:

They serve at checkouts, empty bins
And teach and make and mend.
They feed the hungry back from school
The victimised defend.
To voiceless folk they lend an ear
And immigrants befriend.
God’s truth is marching on.

The song is sung to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic which Sally knows better as Glory, Glory Tottenham Hotspur. Let’s give thanks for some of the Saints in our lives today.


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