Honest Christianity – Almighty or All matey?

cross petroc

One of our youth work students at MCYM shared this question when discussing leadership
and developing a theology for ministry. I really like plays on words like this. He said he recalls it from his teaching at Moorlands Bible College. We were discussing one of our friends, Pete Ward’s early books where he proposes we need to hold and engage with both the immanence and transcendence of God in our beliefs and practices. As with many
aspects of faith, when we over emphasise one aspect of belief over another, we get out of
sync .

God is both Almighty unknowable and our friend. I wonder if it is like Myers Briggs, we have a natural preference to relate to one and we handle the opposite with awkwardness. We might have a reticence and need to befriend both our personality and theological shadows to become fully enriched. It may not feel as natural, but it is imperative we become more holistic in our beliefs which in turn will shape our witness to others to the diversity of the richness of the spectrum of the relationships we need and can have with our God.


One thought on “Honest Christianity – Almighty or All matey?

  1. Oh yes – just been doing a look at contemporary worship within C of E with David Kennedy. We spoke of you and he recalled Paul standing – arms raised pointing upwards! How things change,,,,,, how we change and adapt and grow whilst our core personality remains, thankfully. DK sends his love…… and I’m loving being taught by both him and Pete Ward is to come too – very blessed!

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