Wondering Wednesdays – ten touchstones for life

book review
One of the joys of my job is that I get to review books, this is the latest one and in today’s blog I want to share one of my favourite passages:

The author of the a chapter on reading and living the Bible with children drew up, in consultation with their children, ten touchstones for life which they in part use as a basis for prayer. While I might not have quite the same ten, I like the idea of framing what in essence is a family worldview:
1 God loves you and all other human beings and works for your redemption. Despite appearances, God is faithful and trustworthy.
2 You are a spiritual being, capable of continuing growth through diligent prayers, disciplined study of God’s word, creative service, humble sacrifice and thoughtful reflection.
3 You are part of a community to which you can make a significant contribution. You have both an obligation and opportunity to better the world around you.
4 Words count. Choose your language well to reflect your own dignity and that of others.
5 Honor your body, mind, and spirit with appropriate exercise and self-discipline.
6 Remember that love builds up. Do not sacrifice your dignity for the sake of winning the so-called love of someone else. Do not demand that of someone else.
7 Remember that anger, fear and hatred diminish you as a human being as well as those who are recipients of your negative behaviour.
8 Remember that you are more than what you have. The relentless pursuit of more things diminishes you as a spiritual being, as a human being.
9 Remember to work tirelessly for peace. This will often be difficult and will require you to confront those who abuse their power. But in the end it will enhance the world you have entered.
10 Remember that this world is not the end. While it has great importance in its own right, it is part of the larger continuum of eternity, which you should keep in mind as you live here.

Could be a good exercise for a retreat or a new step on a journey…

Along the Way: Conversations about Children and Faith
Ron Bruner and Dana Kennamer Pemberton (Eds).
Abilene TX, Abilene Christian University Press, 2015 pb, 256pp, $19.99 (USD), p73-4.
ISBN 9780891124603


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