Friday photo – autumn paths

Autumn path

I have walked down so many paths with a similar view this autumn and I always feel inspired.  I appreciate how the skeleton of the trees is beginning to be exposed.  How the pattern of the branches can be seen against the sky.  How more sunlight permeates down to the path as the cover of the canopy of the leaves reduces with every strong wind or dying leaf.

I look at the leaves and see them turning to mulch that will nurture next season’s growth.  I see the patterns they make on the path and the myriad of different shades as they turn from green to brown.  Living somewhere seasons change the landscape feels like a privilege.  It helps to remind me that my life is always changing, even if the changes seem to me to be imperceptible but also that there are cycles in life.  Sometimes it feels like I am on a treadmill, academic years have similar patterns with similar challenges and issues but when I stop and think there is also a uniqueness about them.  I have a little more wisdom (I hope!) each year and a deepening reservoir of experiences that help me to see that I have overcome challenges in the past even if they seem quite formidable at this point in time.

Walking provides the space and the opportunity to think a bit and what I see around me may sometimes offer insight into issues I am facing.  God often speaks to me through his creation.


One thought on “Friday photo – autumn paths

  1. I always think how similar the tree is structured to the human body – veins and arteries and central nervous system is like trunk and branches… trees speak to me in lots of ways…

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