Honest Christianity – we’ll see

Lake hill

One of my favourite stories is about a young boy in a village.
He gets a horse for his birthday ,
The village says “that’s lucky”
“We’ll see”, says the sage.

The boy falls off the horse and breaks his arm.
The village says “that’s unlucky”
The village sage “We’ll see”.

Their country goes to war
The village says “that’s unlucky”
The village sage “We’ll see”.

The boy cannot go to war because of the injury when he broke his arm
The village says “that’s lucky”
The village sage says “We’ll see”.
Last Saturday we were driving to a much looked forward to writing week in the Lake District.
That’s lucky.
The car broke down as we approached the exit to our first stop en route to our final destination.
That’s unlucky
We are in the AA so we got a free tow to a Renault garage in the town closest to where we were staying and they have a courtesy car for us from Monday.
That’s lucky.
They tell us we need a new engine and it could cost over £2,000.
That’s unlucky.
The garage ring Renault and say the fault should not have happened, a part went nearly 30,000 miles before it should have done.
Renault agree to pay for the new engine.
That’s lucky

I am not sure I have a neat theology to put these stories into. The very least I have learnt is seemingly good or bad news cannot be taken on an immediate surface level. Advent is about waiting, so let’s see.


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