Friday photo – dwelling places

Inn on lakeA week ago we were here, one of the highlights of our writing week. Although it was a wet day and the hotel was warm and cosy I needed to go outside to drink in these images. The clouds hiding the hills, the lit pagoda in the middle of the lawn… My mind began to create connections and I took the opportunity to pray. My prayers were not as eloquent as the one below but it encompasses how I felt as I looked towards the beginning of advent…

Advent prayer (Joyce Rupp)

Holy One,
awaken my heart,
quiet my mind,
open the door of my being
to perceive your presence.

Settle what stirs endlessly within me.
Quiet the voice of haste and hurry.
Awaken my inner senses to recognize
your love hiding beneath the frenzy.

Enfold me in your attentiveness.
Wrap a mantle of mindfulness
around every part of my days.
I want to welcome you with joy
and focus on your dwelling place.


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