Honest Christianity -nothing ever happens as one hopes or fears


Blue Bubble Quote

Theodor Herzl, who made this statement, was one of the key founders of modern Zionism in the last century.  I was struck by this quote when I saw it in a Museum in Jerusalem over twenty years ago.  It has become for me over the years what we sometimes call a “truism”, something that the rich struggles of the lived experiences of life test out and echo time after time.

I now intentionally draw upon it as and when I find myself in fortunate and as we blogged last week, unfortunate, situations of daily living. As a natural optimist, it helps me not get carried away with good news , opportunities, etc and also not get drawn down into a pessimistic depressive rabbit hole, when I get bad news or speculate on what the future might hold.

I think I have been molded into a faith that says “wait and see”, be discerning about what I should really worry about, realizing God says “I am with you no matter what”.


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