Friday photo – great people, great coffee

Rejuvenate coffee

One of the things Paul and I love about the journey we have taken over the years is that it has brought us into contact with some great people with a vision to make the world a better place. One of those is Andi Thomas who we first met when he was a youth worker in Aston more years ago than probably any of us  care to remember.  Andi set up a project called Rejuvenate Worldwide which does some amazing work with children and young people – check it out.   This week Andi was selling these coffee beans at St John’s , (he is training for ordination with us), they are from Uganda where the project takes young people to both learn and work to promote education, health and wellbeing among children and young people.  We are looking forward to tasting them but so appreciate knowing where our coffee has come from and that in choosing this coffee we are supporting valuable work as opposed to buying from companies that don’t contribute their fair share of tax!  Ethical, good coffee – what more can you want?!


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