Honest Christianity – what sort of pain do we prefer?

Discipline quote.png

I saw a quote today in a tweet: the pain of discipline is far less than the pain of regret. This seems to ring true to me. I have just returned to Birmingham after the annual Christmas visit to my family for the second Christmas after the death of my mum and I am coming back to making final plans to say goodbye to a member of our team.

As we spend time reminiscing, we can quickly recall the regrets as well as all the joys or achievements. My observation on this quote is that I have tired to live a reflective, thoughtful, mindful, disciplined lifestyle so that I do not have regrets. I have not always succeeded but as I look back on past experiences I do not have many regrets in what I have done or not done. Regret seems to be about what is sometimes avoidable, so I try to live a life where I discipline myself to think ahead about repercussions , potential misunderstandings, what is the right and wrong thing to do. So if I could only have one type of pain, it would definitely be discipline. But it would be nice if it was not so much hard work!


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