Honest Christianity – too busy or tired to enjoy Christmas?

Christmas tree

How busy here you been in the last few weeks. I have had a few things happen which has meant life has been even more pressured than normal. Frequently of late when I have tried to enjoy Christmas , a new piece of bad news or request comes in. I love almost every part of my life, but sometimes too much life happens and joy is sapped. I think this is what they call needing resilience. I have been drawing upon all my go to and happy places. I have prayed, tried to pray, talked to people, faced my fears, got plenty of sleep, sought to get on top of issues and not procrastinate and asked for help. Some of these things have helped a bit. Let me share one more of them with you.

I have realised that I have brought into the myth that Christmas should be happy. I know too many unhappy, ill , pressured people this Christmas, So instead of trying to have a happy Christmas for myself, I am working hard to make Christmas as good as it can be for others. If we seek the upside down Kingdom of Christianity, then perhaps I will be ok. Let me share one of my other coping mechanisms – humour:
Why did no one buy Rudolph and Dasher on ebay? They were 2 deer!
What does Santa call lazy Reindeer? ….. Dinner!
Happy Christmas week!


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