Wondering Wednesday – SOS to the world

Message in a bottle

When my mind is wandering I sometimes play with stories, this is where I went today. Many years before Jesus was born (310BC) the first recorded message in a bottle was found. I began to wonder if perhaps before Jesus was born someone, somewhere sent an SOS to the world (to quote the Police song) and someone, somewhere walking along the beach, found it and prayed to God for our souls to be saved. I have never heard this story before and it is probably not true but there may be an element of truth in it with people praying and asking God to save our souls. And God’s response was to become human through the birth of Jesus, something we are celebrating this week.

I wonder what our SOS to the world would be as we approach Christmas? A very simple analysis of answers to the question from children and young people would be we want to belong, we want to be connected. As people visit our churches I hope they feel a sense of connectedness, a sense of belonging, a sense of awe and wonder as they reflect on that amazing story of God who came to live among us.


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