Honest Christianity – random acts of kindness, pale imitation of grace?

Random acts of kindness

What are our reflections on how we have lived this year and how we want to live next year? Acts of kindness will always be a positive conducive way for us to individually and corporately live. To be spontaneously nice to people is always a good thing to do but is
it good enough? Should we have a greater intentionality in our acts of kindness? Should it be a perpetual action rather than just a random one? This is how I understand grace, it is not random, it is continuous, perpetual, for all time…

Christmas, the birth of Jesus, when God became a human being, a vulnerable baby, is not a random idea and action, it was an intentional, considered response to a problem, a need, the situation the world was in.

If we are considering any new year resolutions then perhaps one might be to set our minds, spirits and actions to be intentionally generous. Wishing and hopefully contributing to you having a gracious new year.


One thought on “Honest Christianity – random acts of kindness, pale imitation of grace?

  1. This is something that sometimes strikes me, when I hear people who were on the same course as me and attended the same lectures appear to forget about kindness and compassion. It’s as though some people are able to apply these concepts in a work context but are unable to apply that to non work situations. They’ll listen to people’s stories at work and talk about ‘what a shame’ it is but then be critical of people who think or behave in a similar way outside of work, often accompanied by horrible words like ‘scumbag’ or ‘loser’….

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