Honest Christianity – prefer absolutely nothing to the…

Buckfast window

For a new year resolution, I wonder how we might all answer this? Most new years Sally and I spend a little time in the Jesus chapel at Buckfast Abbey thinking and praying about the coming year. The end of the blog title was on a banner near the entrance to the Abbey: Prefer absolutely nothing to the…

… love of Christ.

It is difficult to argue with the simple profundity of this statement. It covers how I should live and respond to others, what I value when I make decisions. It also connects with my word for the year. This year my word is foundational, this is my focus, to ensure my personal, professional and ministerial foundations are in place. Yes to develop, grow, but to ensure the basics are addressed and in place. Love Christ is a foundational cornerstone of our faith, it is hard to go wrong in building from this, wish me well and please pray for me.


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