Honest Christianity – disagree well

StormAs well as taxes and death, the other thing that is certain about being a human being is that we will disagree with each other. This seems to be as true of people of faith. Some people see this as a sadness, a sign of weakness. I used to believe this, but it seems inevitable that human beings will have different beliefs, values, ideals.

What seems more important is how we disagree. Surely no matter how fundamental the principle we disagree over, we can and must always be loving. To relate to someone respectfully is not as sign that we agree with them or condone their beliefs or behavior, it is how all human beings, people of faith, religious leaders should act towards one another.

In ethics there is a term called first principles, what is the most important way to act. Love and grace are the primary principles we apply and use to work out our disagreements. This could be an even better witness than agreeing with each other.


One thought on “Honest Christianity – disagree well

  1. I was watching an episode of Come Dine with Me today and there were two people disagreeing and being rude to and about each other. When the man lost he threw the other contestants out of his house to which the winner made comments. My 7 year old daughter sat amazed at this, as the credits roled she said “what nasty people, well, they were both as bad as each other.” In trying to be right, to be correct, to be noticed or whatever else was the aim both people came across as guests I would not be inviting to dinner. A 7 year old can see the need for grace in behaviour and response and yet so often we end up like these two trying to prove our point and how true that first principle speaks greater than any words.

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