Wondering Wednesdays – interior God

Teresa book

Yesterday I had a stimulating day exploring human development with MCYM first years.  We explored identity, what imago dei means, models of personhood and holistic development.  Then I came home and had a look at my new Teresa of Avila prayer book and found this which offers a fresh perspective on some of the things that we discussed…

We actually have something within us that is incomparably more precious than anything we see outside.  Don’t think that the interior of the soul is empty.  If we were careful always to remember what a Guest we have within us, I think it would be impossible for us to abandon ourselves to vanities and things of the world.  We would see how worthless they are compared with those what we have inside us…  But, until I closed my eyes to the vanities of this world, I did not see or understand who lived within my soul or what my soul deserved.  If I had understood then, as I now do, how this great King lives within the palace of my soul, I would not have left him alone so much.  I would have stayed with him and not let his house get so dirty.  It is wonderful that he whose greatness could fill a thousand worlds should confine himself to so small a space, just as he was pleased to inhabit his most holy Mother’s womb.  As our Lord, he has perfect freedom, and because he loves us, he fashions himself to our measure.

May the voice of our Lord Jesus whisper in our minds the glory of love and mercy, the miracle of acceptance into God’s presence, the song of thanksgiving for our breath and being.


St Teresa of Avila Prayer Book, Vinita Hampton Wright, Paraclete Press 2015, p70.


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