Wondering Wednesdays – let your feelings have their say


I first encountered Ignatian Spirituality around 20 years ago when I did a prayer guiding course at Manresa House in Birmingham with Gerard Hughes. What was fresh for me was the importance of paying attention to my feelings. The title of this blog is from this year’s daily readings book which lives by our prayer chair. The title of this blog is from one of those readings which features an extract from Margaret Silf:
So allow your feelings and your moods to have their say. If you have feelings of tenderness or apprehension or anger in the situation of your scene [when doing imaginative contemplation of a Bible passage], this is telling you something about what is happening between you and God at that particular moment… Your feelings and reactions in your relationship with God are very significant, even if at times they may appear to be negative. We often learn more from our negative reactions than from the more comfortable ones.
The reflection thought for the day is “What are you worried about? What causes you anxiety? Talk to God about these feelings”.

Today is one of those days when I need to do that and it is always helpful to be reminded that God wants us to be real about our feelings and not suppress them or deny them.

An Ignatian Book of Days. Edited by Jim Manney. Chicago Loyola Press, p12.


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