Friday photo – feeling grateful


Winterbourne is a place of tranquility and beauty and I went there on Wednesday morning before heading off to Queen’s for my viva. I am grateful that I had somewhere to go which would ameliorate a bit of the anxiety I was feeling, I had read my thesis so many times that I had completely lost perspective on it. If you saw my facebook or twitter post you will know that it could not have gone any better. Five years of my life judged in an hour… Nearly 80,000 words on Landscapes of shame in the church: a typology to inform ministerial praxis. My pre and post ordination study in this one piece of work.

I am grateful for the many people that made what I did possible. I am most grateful to the anonymous people who answered one of my three questionnaires and were willing to share their thoughts and often experiences of shame with me. I began my thesis by reflecting on my own experiences so I know how painful it can be to be reminded of things which impact our picture of who we are, not just what we have done. Two focus groups also contributed deep insights to my model and shaped what I think about what it means to be a priest. And along the way so many people have helped in many different ways. I am so grateful, what I have done is so much richer because of them.


2 thoughts on “Friday photo – feeling grateful

  1. Many congratulations Sally. Muchly deserved! Hope you can now find some relaxation space – even as I have no doubt you will continue to research ad write for the benefit of us all !!

  2. the priest shaped by these studies and contributions is one with a really sound ministry to those of us who have experienced the worst kinds of shame within the church, its training institutions, and in other contexts.

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