Honest Christianity – what ultimately matters

Fractured world use

Sally and I have just been away on our annual reading weekend. Just full board and a bag of books! Bliss. One of the books I took away was Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ To heal a fractured world: ethics of responsibility. At the end of the book he humbly and helpfully offers a list of what he has learnt over the years that ultimately matters. I would like to share a few:
Ÿthat even the smallest good deed can change someone’s life
Ÿthat no religion that persecutes another is worthy of respect , nor one that condemns others, entitled to admiration
Ÿthat nothing is gained by less than ethical conduct

There are so many difficult dilemmas and issues in the world and I am not suggesting they can all be resolved by virtuous behaviour, but it will go a long way. He introduces this list by trying to distinguish between what ultimately matters and what merely seems to matter at the time. This seems a nice concise practical focus out of my weekend reading.

Jonathan Sacks To Heal a Fractured World: The Ethics of Responsibility. London: Bloomsbury 2005, p272.


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