Wondering Wednesdays – writing days

Writing day

Last Friday was our annual Grove Youth Series Writing Day for anyone that wants to write about what they do.  In many ways I can sum up the day by saying one thing, if you want to be a writer, write.  This is one of the things I wrote:

There are so many things that don’t get done because I can’t be bothered to do them from cleaning my car to doing a bit of weeding.  It is not an attribute of mine that I am proud of but a self aware comment that I can be lazy over things that I am not motivated to do.

Knowing myself and wanting to know myself and God better is one of the reasons I blog twice a week every week of the year.  I value the discipline this gives me.  Writing helps me reflect, live more attentively and mindfully and grow more into the Sally God created.  As an introvert, I live a lot in my head and so my Friday photo blog is a conscious choice to reflect on something that I have seen, to make connections with life, with God, with others, with myself.  On Wednesdays I often blog about something I have read or seen, it means I do the so what bit of reflective practice or theological reflection.  I need to embody things in my life, not just fill up my brain with knowledge that doesn’t transform.  I also blog regularly because I am encouraged by others, it is always such a delight when someone shares that they find what we write helpful or enjoyable.  So thank you to those who have made the journey easier.




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