Honest Christianity -faithful to the next step

Scotland 3 - April '13 107

When we think about changes in our personal or professional futures, it is easy to be tempted to try and make it happen. To push, encourage, or otherwise seek to influence the situation. One of the lessons I learnt very early in my Christianity and ministry is that it is good not to seek to always micro or macro manage all the outcomes. We are on holiday this week, amongst other things, playing golf in
Cornwall. This lesson is a bit like playing golf. The way to play one’s best
golf, is like the lesson in many sports, to stay in the moment. Not to think or plan ahead too much. Most good golf is played by concentrating on the next shot, not getting ahead of ourselves. To say to myself, I am going to play this hole really well, is not about having confidence, it is getting ahead of myself. I played well today, for those who understand golf, I had 3 birdies today on a very hard golf course. I am not good enough to plan to do this I have found all I can do is to do the basics well, to focus on putting a good swing on the next shot and living with whatever happens.

During lent, I am seeking to be faithful to the next small step. To do the right thing in the right way and not try to manage what the outcome might be.


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