Wondering Wednesdays – sanctuaries

Rame again

“Everyone has a sanctuary, if only in the mind. Even if we can’t say what it is, we know of its power. It is a place where we feel grounded, unhurried, and renewed. We go there whenever we can, which never seems often enough. Or that’s what we tell ourselves. A sanctuary is a place that restores us, replenishes us, nourishes us”.
I read this in a hotel lounge which is one of our places of sanctuary on holiday – with big, sink into sofas, good coffee or beer and a view of Looe island, what’s not to like. It was a place to read this book and think about how sanctuary works in my life. On holiday I have it reasonably sussed, at home I need to work on it a bit more!

The picture is one of my places of sanctuary – the hermit chapel at Rame Head – always find peace there…

Reference: Terry Hershey Sanctuary Creating a space for grace in your life. Chicago: Loyola Press, 2015, p xi.


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