Friday photo – what would you write?

TruroTruro cert

I am very sympathetic to church fundraising appeals – I know how hard it is to keep a building going. Thus when I saw this appeal for slates for the roof for Truro Cathedral I wanted to respond. What was unique about this appeal was that you got to write on the slate that you bought and I was sent off with a bit of paper to plan what I wanted to write. It is the sort of local history project I love – I wondered if anyone was going to take a picture of all the slates and then analyse them! The ones I saw were a mixture but several in memory of children who died and I ended up having a fascinating conversation with the campaign manager about the pastoral impact that this was having as people got to dedicate a slate and write what was in their heart.

My slate was a mixture of thanksgiving, hymn scraps, Bible verses (two from Isaiah and one from John), family, BCH and MCYM! It is the sort of task that really I would want a week or so to decide what to write but I had ten or so minutes! What would you write?


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