Honest Christianity – harnessed to God


You may have heard the very sad news of the sailor who drowned after being washed
overboard. One of the reports mentioned she may not have been wearing her safety
harness. It is apparently a rule that sailors in these races should be harnessed at all times.

This got me reflecting on how we see a harness. Is it a restriction of our liberty or a safety tool to give us the security to do dangerous jobs or hobbies? I have previously done one of those sky walks and would not have dreamed of doing it without being strapped to the frame. I am sure for some, something is lost by having a cord, the joy/ achievement or adrenalin is in the freedom or the risk. I was able to walk high up to do something that I would either not have the skill to do without a reasonable amount of risk or would have enough sense or guts not to try it.

Being harnessed to God gives me all the freedom I need to achieve and take on all the risks that life and ministry bring. Being connected to God gives us the freedom to still live life to the full. The security is outweighed by any seeming restriction. Strap in, it’s a great ride.


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