Honest Christianity: Religion: positive or negative on our mental health?

Mental health 2

As we mentioned in our Friday blog, we opened a spiritual care room at our mental health unit on Thursday. In the beginning it was not even a dream to have such as a room. When we began to read the research of the potential positive nature of religious care on our mental health, we began to explore with staff how our chaplaincy team might be more involved. The allocation of the room for spiritual care partly reflects the changing views and perspective of how engaging the patients in their religious and spiritual needs can have a positive effect with a young person. I am amongst the first not to take this for granted. Some attitudes , teaching and treatment within Christianity have not always been the most helpful or supportive of those with mental illness. Sadly this still continues in some contexts.

Pray for us that we will be a part of the positive movement.

If you are interested in reading a little more on this here are a couple of things to look at:


One thought on “Honest Christianity: Religion: positive or negative on our mental health?

  1. This is really encouraging to read. A visit from a minister (not actually a chaplain) when I was on a children’s ward as a 15 year old had a huge impact on my faith journey, supporting me at a time when I was at a point of being practically suicidal. Something I feel there is still a massive lack of understanding in both adult and child care is the interaction between physical and mental health. This is a gap that I think spiritual support can go a long way in supporting. Keep up the good work!

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