Honest Christianity – peace is a beautiful thing, but…


Most of us I guess would not disagree with this statement. It was made by the lead character on the television show Madam Secretary (USA Secretary of State). The rest of the quote was much more interesting:

Peace is a beautiful thing, Blake, making peace, not so much. (Series 2 episode 11)

It was said in the context of the sacrifices and compromises that it had taken to achieve peace in their story line . Their peace had been achieved at a great cost in lives and personal virtue. The wholistic physical, mental and spiritual weIIbeing of our personhood, communities and countries is not passively achieved .

I was going to blog about this anyway but I also rewatched Selma this week. This film recounts the story of a protest march which was part of the civil rights movement in the USA, in particular the struggle the black community had to register to vote. It was one of the key events in the life story of Martin Luther King.

Peace and justice are both indeed beautiful things and even when non- violence is used, outcomes are not always achieved in ways which could be described as beautiful!

Bringing about peace is sometimes hard, messy work. It cannot always been done in a passive manner. It might mean being firm, resolute, non-compromising, but it can be done with grace and mercy and is always worth it.


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