Wondering Wednesdays – learning and discipleship


A second Tuesday with a discipleship conference, this time on learning in theological education. Again a day which left me with lots to reflect on, one of those more questions than answers ones!

Some of the questions we reflected on were:
What are the hallmarks of transformational learning? This we looked at through the lens of accessibility, imagination and how learning can be transformational.

How do we do learning so that we are accessible to the Holy Spirit?

Who is doing the forming or transforming?

What will learners remember a year on? The two sessions I have had most comments on are when Paul and I do Myers Briggs and in my early years in CYM when I taught group work theory through clips from Friends!

I through too about my own educational experiences… Those who have heard me talk about my shame research will have heard a story from primary school that profoundly impacted me (negatively). My A level in Sociology inspired my desire to work on the margins and in education. My undergraduate dissertation taught me how changing constructs of concepts impact policy and practice…

More pondering to do…


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