Friday photo – closed doors

white door

I walked past this door today, I am not sure where it goes. Possibly into a church but the church is at a different level. It sort of looked like an ecclesiastical door to me! I have walked past it many times but today is the first time I had really noticed it. Perhaps this is because at the moment I am waiting for a couple of doors to be opened.

Closed doors can be immensely frustrating, particularly when they seem to be locked from the inside. They can also be very exciting wondering what is beyond them and speculating as to whether the risk is worth it to walk through, not knowing what may be on the other side. The doors I am looking to open are in many ways quite prosaic, they are not life changing doors but that has not always been the case. (This is not one of those posts with a hidden meaning or anyting). Waiting for a door to open can be one of those times for lots of faith and prayer and as time goes on without it opening lots of questions too!


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