Honest Christianity – Paradox: growing secularization and prominence of religion in public discussion – Grace Davie

Grace Davie

Sally and I were at chaplaincy research conference this week. The keynote speakers was Grace Davie, professor emeritus at Exeter University. She is the writer and researcher who coined the phrase believing without belonging as a description of what had begun to happen with Christianity when she first published Religion in Britain in 1994.

She used the title phrase of the blog to describe our current situation in the UK. We have often reflected in our blogs on the connections between culture and religion. If this observation resonates with you as it does with us as a truism, then what are the implications for Christianity, ministry and our country? Might we find friends and people of peace in unusual places? What might the nature of mission look and feel like? Who will share our values of accountability to a higher power and authority?

The other point Grace made was just as the observations have changed since she wrote 20 years ago, what will change in and characterize the next 10-20 years? She talked about perspectives on non-human animals and artificial intelligence as potential areas… What do you think?


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