Friday photo – flowers on the cliff edge


I am metaphorically laying these flowers in the places where people have been slain over the past week, Orlando and Birstall in particular. There is no background to this picture because the day was so misty that you could not see the sea beyond nor feel the sun that was above. That is how it feels at the moment… a deep sadness looking out into I know not what…

I am laying the flowers in hope, hope that the outcry in each of these cases will instigate change, change in attitude, in practice, in legislation… that peace may begin to prevail…

My daily readings book says this today – seemed very apt:
Everybody hurts. When I don’t have words to articulate my pain or frustration I get crude. But crude is probably better than repressed. So I let ’em rip. Damn it. Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn it. This is my psalm of lament: ‘God, damn it’. Is it too much or is it prayer? The danger is that we’ll ignore a simple truth: we actually feel this way. Lament is a healthy and essential form of prayer in peacemaking. In lament we tell God exactly how we feel, what we want…and we leave it for God to decide how to restore us to justice. Brian Busse SJ Psalm 94:2-3.

From Ignatian Book of Days Jim Manney Chicago Loyola Press 2014


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